ADT is currently a leading home security company offering security monitoring and equipment to millions of clients across the US. But, ADT is not suitable for everyone, nor is it possible for everyone to afford the costs of this type of security system. The up side is that today many good ADT alternatives have sprung up in the market to make a choice from. In this blog post, I want to share several home security systems that can be considered direct ADT’s competitors based on their features, prices, and effectiveness.


ADT has many competitors, however, one of the most notable one is SimpliSafe. Unlike ADT, SimpliSafe cannot be self-monitored, although this feature can be added starting at $14.99 monthly. ADT’s fee structure is, however, a bit higher than that of SimpliSafe since its packages for equipment are usually from $299 to $699.

The major strength is in the ability to self-install the system and this is offered by SimpliSafe. The lighting system is wireless, which means that you won’t be having to deal with wiring all over your house. It means that the components are easily installed, which will be easy for homeowners who prefer DIY installation. SimpliSafe also frequently changes the hardware of its system and the features of its app, making it contemporary and easy to use.

Response times are also constantly monitored and are very fast with SimpliSafe, which is comparable to some of the leading companies in the market such as ADT. ADT’s basic services are competently matched by SimpliSafe for a similar, if not slightly lower price when considering the cost of the equipment and the services as a whole at the end of the contract period.

Ring Alarm

Currently, there is a new entrant into the market which goes by the name Ring Alarm which is from Amazon and directly competes with ADT in terms of technology. These consist of a motion sensor, door/window contacts, a siren, and a touchpad. However, the ring provides professional monitoring through Ring Protect Plus for $10 per month.

The Ring Alarm is also a wire-free system like SimpliSafe, and it comes with an assortment of components that are fully explained below. They are powered by batteries and are capable of transmitting data with the base station through the use of Z-Wave and Zigbee. Cordless: This means that installation is almost as easy as pie especially if you’ve never installed anything before; it’ll only take 20 minutes at most.

Another interesting feature of the Ring Alarm is that it integrates well with other Ring smart home products including video doorbells, security cameras. Ring has the convenient feature of live feeds of connected cameras in your Ring application, and the Ring interface allows you to manage the whole system from one location.

Vivint Smart Home

On the technological front, Vivint Smart Home can compare with ADT both in terms of the equipment offered and professional installation. Vivint professionals install the equipment and then there is always live professional monitoring, 24/7. They begin as low as $39.99/month for basic monitoring and then increase depending on the smart home elements.

Vivint excels at the smart home integration. Using the Vivint Sky app, it is possible to manage the security aspects such as cameras, doors and windows, interior and exterior lighting, as well as thermostats. Any commands given to Vivint smart home can also be managed through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Vivint, despite offering competitive prices compared to other providers offering similar services to ADT, is considered a premium provider. Choose Vivint if you need complex smart home integration and service from professionals and if the company must respond to emergencies in under 60 seconds.

DIY Security Systems

In case you’re looking for the cheapest solution, it is possible to buy cheap security systems that you can install on your own and that don’t come with monthly fees. Cove, Abode, and Nest Secure are some of the options that are available. On the downside, professional monitoring is completely out of the question, which for many people may offset the hundreds saved during the course of system ownership.

The DIY systems differ significantly with regards to the available features they offer and the components that make up a system. They are available starting with entry level where you will get basic motion detectors and door contacts. Or to buy better accessories such as High Definition security cameras, flood lights, smoke detectors, crash sensors among others. Every inexperienced supplier has various options and deals designed to fit anyone’s pocket.

As these systems are installed by laymen they will not call for emergency responders in case of triggering of an alarm. Nonetheless, some DIY systems have the facility of cellular or Wi-Fi for the purpose of generating an alert to your phone where one is able to act appropriately. Advanced sensors can also distinguish between real threats and other potential threats that may not be quite as dangerous.


If you want to find out what’s similar to ADT, you can try the competition such as SimpliSafe, Ring, and Vivint Smart Home, among others, that offer similar services for less money. You also get to save a lot using DIY solutions from leading manufacturers; though, EMS dispatching is not possible. When you are selecting between the different ADT options in terms of what you require and what you can afford, below is a side-by-side comparison of the information you will require. Choose the proper ADT substitute system concerning the features and capabilities that are useful for defending your house and your loved ones.

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