Vivint home security systems provide a safe environment for your family by not just recording crime but also helping prevent it. With outdoor cameras that detect lurkers and scare them away, doorbells which can identify packages left on doorstep as well as locks to protect everything inside the house from intruders—you won't have any worries about safety!

Vivint home security systems protect your family and property with smart devices that detect, alert authorities of any activity in real time. With outdoor cameras that can see lurking individuals away without scaring them off or guarding packages left outside overnight as well as an intelligent doorbell camera to keep an eye on who enters (and leaves) via stairs for example; you won't have anything taken unnoticed!

Vivint Home Security Availability

Vivint Home Security operates across North America, providing advanced security solutions to over one million customers in 12 Canadian provinces and multiple US states. Vivint's smart security systems are customizable, allowing homeowners to tailor their packages to their specific location and home setup. Vivint's commitment to quality and affordability is reflected in its distinctive and customizable security packages, designed to deliver peace of mind to its customers. With advanced security cameras, intelligent motion sensors, and smart home devices, Vivint's equipment is modern and well-designed. Professional installation services are also provided to ensure that access points and crucial areas are covered. While the premium experience comes at a premium cost, ensuring the safety and security of loved ones is priceless.

Premium home security cameras

Dedicated home security cameras can provide peace of mind and may help deter crime, but they don't come cheap. If you're considering investing in a premium camera system, it's important to understand what features to look for and which brands offer the best protection.

Free consultation with a Smart Home Pro

A Smart Home Pro can help you make your home more efficient and convenient. Are you considering upgrading to a smart home system, but don't know where to start? Sign up for a free consultation and we'll help you get started! Whether you're looking for whole-home automation or just want to control your lights and thermostat remotely, we can design a system that fits your needs.

Vivint Smart Home App download

The Vivint Smart Home App allows you to do just that! Download the app and gain access to a world of convenience and comfort. With the app, you can turn on lights, close blinds, adjust the thermostat, and more. Plus, with Vivint's SkyControl Panel, you can even manage your security system from your phone or tablet.

Professional installation

When you need a team that's reliable and fully licensed, there is no better choice than our professional security technicians. We take pride in offering only the highest level of service to all clients with certified skillsets who choose us for their home protection needs; because we know how important it is always having someone on-site capable enough handle any situation at hand quickly without sacrificing safety or quality workmanship!

FAQ about Vivint Home Security Systems

1. What makes Vivint home security systems different from others?

Vivint home security systems are customized to deter real threats with products such as outdoor security cameras, doorbell cameras, smart locks, lighting, and security sensors that work together to create a fully-integrated home security system.

2. What packages does Vivint offer?

Vivint offers three primary home security packages that can be customized with add-on equipment. The packages include home security, smart home, and security camera. Add-on devices include water sensors, contact break-in sensors, and doorbell cameras.

3. Do Vivint home security systems require professional installation?

Yes, Vivint home security systems require professional installation and do not offer DIY installation.

4. How much does a Vivint home security system cost?

The cost of a Vivint home security system varies depending on the provider, equipment package, and payment options. Vivint offers a consumer financing option that gives customers the ability to customize a state-of-the-art smart home security package for little to no upfront cost. A minimum equipment purchase of $599.99 is required for Vivint home security services, and installation fees range from $49.00 to $199.00. Monitoring plans start at $19.99 per month but require optional features such as cloud storage until the total monthly monitoring fee is at least $29.99.

5. Does Vivint offer a trial period?

No, Vivint does not offer a trial period.

6. Can Vivint home security systems be controlled remotely?

Yes, Vivint home security systems can be controlled remotely through the Vivint app and the Vivint Smart Hub.

7. How can homeowners receive a custom quote and get started with Vivint home security systems?

Call on (877) 483-3132 and get custom quote now!