home security systems comparison

Feeling vulnerable in your castle? In today's world, a robust home security system is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. With a plethora of options available, choosing the right system can feel overwhelming. Fear not, brave homeowner! This guide will compare some of the most popular home security systems, breaking down their features, pros, and cons to help you find the perfect fit for your needs.

The Contenders:

Ring Alarm (DIY Installation)
SimpliSafe (DIY Installation)
ADT (Professional Installation)
Vivint Smart Home (Professional Installation)
Cove Security (DIY and Professional Installation)

Round 1: DIY vs. Professional Installation

DIY (Do-It-Yourself): These systems are self-installed, offering greater flexibility and potentially lower upfront costs. However, they may require some technical know-how and may lack the level of customization offered by professional systems.

Professional Installation: Security companies handle the installation, ensuring proper placement and functionality. This can be ideal for those who are less comfortable with DIY projects or want a more comprehensive security setup.
Let's Get Equipped: Comparing Features


Self-Monitoring: You receive alerts and manage the system yourself. May require a subscription for cellular backup in case your internet goes down.

Professional Monitoring: A security company monitors your system 24/7 and dispatches emergency services if needed. Offers peace of mind but typically comes with a higher monthly fee.


Basic Systems: Typically include door and window sensors, a base station, and a siren. May or may not include cameras.

Upgradable Systems: This allows you to add additional components like motion detectors, smart locks, video doorbells, and environmental sensors (smoke, CO2).

Smart Home Integration:

Works with Popular Smart Home Devices: Integrates seamlessly with smart thermostats, lights, and other devices for a unified security and automation experience.

Limited Integration: May only work with the brand's smart home products.

The Top Dogs: Individual Breakdowns

Ring Alarm (DIY):

Pros: Easy setup, affordable, excellent smartphone app, wide range of compatible smart home devices (including Ring doorbells).

Cons: Self-monitoring only (optional professional monitoring available), limited equipment variety in base packages.
SimpliSafe (DIY):

Pros: Very user-friendly, reliable customer service, good equipment selection, includes cellular backup in base packages.

Cons: Limited smart home integration outside of SimpliSafe products, some users report occasional app glitches.
ADT (Professional):

Pros: A nationally recognized brand with a long history, extensive monitoring options, highly customizable systems with a wide range of equipment choices.

Cons: Professional installation can be expensive, contracts are often required, and some find customer service impersonal.

Vivint Smart Home (Professional):

Pros: Cutting-edge smart home integration, professional installation ensure optimal functionality, impressive touchscreen control panel.

Cons: Typically the most expensive option, contracts are standard, and early termination fees can be steep.

Cove Security (DIY & Professional):

Pros: Excellent customer satisfaction ratings, affordable monitoring plans, no contracts required, user-friendly app.

Cons: Limited equipment selection compared to some competitors, a newer company with less brand recognition.

The Final Frontier: Choosing Your Champion

There's no single "best" home security system. The ideal choice depends on your budget, technical comfort level, desired features, and the size and layout of your home.

DIY Savvy and Budget-Conscious: Ring Alarm or SimpliSafe are strong contenders.
Prioritize Professional Monitoring: ADT or Vivint offers comprehensive packages with 24/7 oversight.
Value Customer Service and Affordability: Cove Security is worth considering.
Smart Home Enthusiast: Vivint stands out for its seamless integration capabilities.
Beyond the List: Additional Considerations

Read Reviews: Check out user reviews on reputable websites to get real-world insights.
Compare Monitoring Plans: Look beyond the base system price and factor in monthly monitoring costs.
Get Quotes: Request quotes from several companies to compare pricing and available equipment packages.

By carefully considering your needs and comparing the options listed above, you'll be well-equipped to choose.

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