How to change battery in ADT motion sensor

Maintaining a reliable home security system is paramount for every homeowner. One crucial aspect of this upkeep is changing the battery in your ADT motion sensor. In this guide, we will walk you through the process, ensuring your ADT motion sensor functions optimally and provides you with the security and peace of mind you need.

Understanding the Importance of Regular Battery Replacement

How to Change Battery in ADT Motion Sensor?

Step 1: Gather the Necessary Tools and Supplies

Ensuring you have the correct tools and supplies ready before starting the battery replacement process is essential. Here's what you'll need:

  • New batteries (as specified in your ADT motion sensor manual)
  • Screwdriver (typically Phillips-head)

To begin the battery replacement, follow these steps:

Step 2: Locate the Battery Compartment

Identifying the battery compartment in your ADT motion sensor is the first crucial step. The location might vary based on the model of your sensor. Typically, it can be found at the back or bottom of the device.

Step 3: Open the Battery Compartment

Using the appropriate screwdriver, carefully open the battery compartment. Take caution not to damage any parts of the sensor during this process.

Step 4: Remove the Old Batteries

Once the compartment is open, gently remove the old batteries. Pay close attention to the orientation of the batteries as you'll need to insert the new ones in the same manner.

Step 5: Insert the New Batteries

Place the new batteries in the same orientation as the old ones. Ensure a snug fit within the compartment.

Step 6: Close the Battery Compartment

Carefully close the battery compartment and ensure it's securely fastened.

Common FAQs About Changing the ADT Motion Sensor Battery

How often should I change the battery in my ADT motion sensor?

Regularly check your ADT motion sensor's manual for specific guidelines, but generally, it's recommended to replace the batteries annually.

Can I use rechargeable batteries in my ADT motion sensor?

It's advisable to use non-rechargeable batteries, as they provide a more consistent power supply and require less maintenance.

What should I do if my ADT motion sensor still doesn't work after changing the batteries?

If the sensor doesn't work after changing the batteries, ensure they are properly inserted and in good condition. If the issue persists, contact ADT support for further assistance.

Is it necessary to test the sensor after changing the batteries?

Yes, it's essential to test your ADT motion sensor to confirm it's functioning correctly after a battery replacement.

Can I recycle the old batteries from my ADT motion sensor?

Yes, it's environmentally responsible to recycle old batteries following local recycling guidelines.

What if I can't find the battery compartment in my ADT motion sensor?

Consult your ADT motion sensor's manual or reach out to ADT customer support for guidance in locating the battery compartment.


Ensuring the proper functioning of your ADT motion sensor is vital for the security of your home. By following this guide on how to change the battery in your ADT motion sensor, you contribute to a secure and protected living environment. Regular maintenance, such as battery replacement, guarantees your home security system operates optimally.