Alexa is an artificial intelligent personal assistant which is built by Amazon to run in devices like Amazon Echo. At some point or the other, you might wish to reset your Alexa device for different reasons; perhaps Alexa has begun misbehaving, or else you have procured a used Alexa device, and you desire a new start once more. Erasing Alexa removes every single input and put the device back to its default settings which includes eliminating all that Alexa has learned from the user.

Here is why you may need to reset your Alexa device.

Here are some common reasons to reset your Alexa device:

1. Alexa has developed glitches and is behaving erratically: If Alexa starts saying awkward things or answers different from what is expected even when the Wi-Fi connection is strong, then a reset will fix the software issues.

2. Privacy before selling or gifting an Alexa device: This clears all the records that the former owner of the device may have provided as well as all voice commands for privacy reasons.

3. Change Alexa’s “wake word”: If you need to change the wake word other than the default ‘Alexa’ then the device reset will help you in setting up a new wake word.

4. Fix connectivity issues: If your Alexa device keeps losing its Wi-Fi connection, simply resetting it will remove any glitches and allow you to reestablish Wi-Fi all over again.

5. Start a fresh: A reset will remove all the data associated with your Alexa app, voice history, options, smart home devices, and restores the device to factory settings.

Smart Home Expert Recommendations on How to Reboot Alexa

Follow these expert-approved steps to successfully reset your Alexa device:

1. Delete Alexa app data

But you can delete your data quickly by doing the following steps: -> More -> Settings -> Alexa Privacy -> Manage Your Alexa Data -> Delete All Your Alexa Data. Proceed to delete all information such as the linked device registration information, vocal recordings, and configurations within the Alexa app.

2. Deregister your Alexa device

To deregister the Alexa device, open the Alexa app and tap on the device from the list – This is usually found under Devices -> Echo & Alexa -> select the Alexa device -> Deregister. Unlinking removes your Alexa device from your Amazon/Alexa profile Removing the connection between Alexa and your Amazon/Alexa account means that the device is no longer linked to it.

1. Using the Alexa app: Go to Open Devices -> Select Alexa device -> Settings -> Device → Reset device -> Reset Device.

2. Using voice commands: Saying “Alexa, reset my device to factory settings” or “Alexa, delete all my data”, Alexa will first ask for confirmation before proceeding with the action. Smart speakers have a mute or reset button that you can hold down to force a reset, next to the volume buttons.

3. Factory reset Alexa hardware

There are two ways to factory reset Alexa devices:

4. Re-register Alexa

After the completion of a factory reset on your Alexa device, you should be able to navigate to the ‘+’ sign on the Alexa app -> follow ‘Add Device’ to initiate the setup of your Alexa device all over again. It is necessary to connect it to wi-fi and then log in through the account on Amazon, following the on-screen tips. It is like when your Alexa device was initially set up; you need to create a new account and set up a new profile.

5. Change wake word (optional)

Since the new Echo Dot update, you can finally customize Alexa’s wake word to “Echo”, “Computer” or “Amazon” during device registration. If you want to edit this later, you can go to the Alexa app and select Devices & Settings.

6. Reconnect smart home devices

For example, If you used to have Amazon Echo compatible smart bulbs, smart plugs or any other smart home devices connected to Alexa, they will all be disconnected after the reset and you will have to connect them again. In the Alexa app, go to the More option followed by Smart Home and the option Add Device to re-configure the devices.

Reset Alexa Troubleshooting

Here are some common reset and factory restore issues faced when resetting Alexa devices and how to fix them:

1. Alexa not resetting fully

Often in the case of a reset, Alexa retains some settings or connectivity with the devices it was controlling. This incomplete reset, as the name implies, can make your Alexa respond erratically. Before performing factory reset there is a way to clear your Alexa entirely, that is to deregister it. Also clear all the data from Alexa App.

2. Connectivity issues after reset

Even when the freshly reset Alexa is being re-connected, some common issues which may be observed are the can’t connect to Wi-Fi or unable to link Amazon account. This can be fixed by simply uninstalling the Alexa app and then installing it again most of the times. If the Wi-Fi issues are still present, try rebooting your router.

3. Alexa not recognizing the wake word

If Alexa can still not understand a new wake word of the device after a reset, then say ‘Learn my voice’ so that the voice of Alexa can be recognized. With Voice Profile as an example, always start learning the feature from new in order to have the best performance.

4. Personally, I still can’t reset shared or access point Alexa devices.

As for Alexa gadgets, for instance, Echo Studio, which in their operation create an Access Point instead of being directly connected to Wi-Fi, it is better to use a physical reset button instead of the ones in the cloud, which will not be effective. In the case of Household, where an Alexa device is included and is owned by many people, only the primary account holder can reset Alexa using the methods mentioned above.

Reset Alexa with Confidence

To reset may seem a bit daunting but it is as easy as ABC once done step by step. With these expert troubleshooting and reset tips, you can have the best knowledge of how to reset any Alexa device within 15 minutes. Resetting is useful when the Alexa becomes unresponsive, before making the Echo Dot or Tap available for sale, and if one wants to change the wake word from the default “Alexa” when using a device that someone else has set up.

Thus, by adhering to the above mentioned step-by-step procedure and erasing all data related to the app, a user can ensure that after a factory reset their Alexa is as fresh as can be. Just step ready to regain the Alexa preferences and re-connect the smart home appliances to the Echo device after the reset.


There are solutions for the problems, and one of the possible ways is to reset Alexa and bring it back to the default settings. The easiest way is to long-press the Action button for 20 seconds until the light ring blinks orange and Alexa initiates the process of restarting. Or the Alexa app to reboot the device/ factory reset from the settings menu on the device. It is good practice to reset Alexa once in a while for optimum performance.

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