In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the steps and considerations involved in turning off an ADT alarm permanently. Whether you've decided to change your security provider or are exploring different security options, knowing how to disable the ADT alarm system is crucial. We'll provide insights based on experience and expert advice to ensure a smooth process.

Understanding ADT Alarm Systems

Before we delve into disabling the ADT alarm system, let's briefly understand how these systems work. ADT alarm systems are designed to secure homes and businesses by detecting intrusions, fire, smoke, or other emergencies. These alarms function by communicating with a central monitoring station, which alerts authorities or designated contacts when triggered.

How to Turn Off ADT Alarm Permanently?

Assess Your Decision

Before proceeding, it's essential to thoroughly evaluate your decision to turn off the ADT alarm permanently. Consider the security implications and alternative security measures you plan to implement.

Contact ADT Customer Support

Reach out to ADT customer support to inform them of your decision to turn off the alarm system permanently. They can guide you through the process and provide necessary instructions.

Disconnecting the Power Source

Locate the power source for the ADT alarm system and disconnect it. This typically involves shutting off the circuit breaker or unplugging the system.

Disable the Backup Battery

ADT alarm systems often have a backup battery. To permanently turn off the alarm, locate and remove or disable this backup power source.

Return Equipment (if applicable)

If you've leased equipment from ADT, follow their guidelines for returning the hardware. This may involve scheduling a pickup or dropping off the equipment at a designated location.

Confirm Deactivation

After following the necessary steps, confirm with ADT that the alarm system has been successfully deactivated. Ensure that your account is updated accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I temporarily disable the ADT alarm system?

Yes, you can temporarily disable the ADT alarm system by using the provided keypad and following the system's user manual. However, for a permanent deactivation, it's best to follow the steps outlined in this guide.

Is it advisable to permanently turn off the ADT alarm system?

Permanently turning off the ADT alarm system should be a carefully considered decision. It's recommended to evaluate your security needs and explore alternative security solutions before deactivating the system.

Are there any penalties for deactivating the ADT alarm system?

ADT may have specific terms and conditions regarding deactivation. Contact their customer support to understand any potential penalties or obligations associated with permanently turning off the alarm system.

Will deactivating the ADT alarm system affect my contract?

Deactivating the ADT alarm system may impact your contract with the company. It's essential to review your contract terms and consult ADT's customer support to understand any implications of your agreement.

Can I remove ADT equipment if I own it?

If you own the ADT equipment, you have the right to remove it from your premises. Ensure to follow the necessary steps to deactivate the system properly and contact ADT for any additional guidance.

What are the alternatives to ADT after deactivation?

After deactivating the ADT alarm system, consider alternative security options such as other security providers, DIY security systems, or smart home security solutions.


Understanding how to turn off ADT alarms permanently is essential for homeowners seeking to modify their security arrangements. Evaluate your decision carefully, follow the outlined steps, and consider alternative security options to ensure your safety and peace of mind.