SimpliSafe is by far one of the top and widely used do it yourself home security systems in the market today. SimpliSafe home security is great since it is affordable and easy to set up with customizable monitoring options with multiple sensors and accessories. In this 2024 review, we will discuss important aspects that are required to understand the peculiarity of SimpliSafe as well as to know why it can be considered as one of the best security systems for homeowners as well as renters.

A brief insight of SimpliSafe’s system and services.

SimpliSafe is significantly different today than it was when it started its journey as a small-scale Kickstarter project in 2006. It now supports over 60 devices for home security to create a simple DIY system to install. SimpliSafe offers equipment that can be used to cover intruder alarms, environmental prevention, video monitoring, and others.

Key elements of the SimpliSafe system include:

Base Station - The main interface that is used to manage the system through WiFi and a cellphone connection. Features a 95db siren.

Entry sensors – notifies of opened doors and windows, which could lead to a fire outbreak.

Motion sensors- Detects movement and can block pet up to 40 pounds.

Smoke detector – This kind of alarm is used to detect smoke or fire and give an alarm.

Water sensor - It helps you know when a pipe has burst or there is seepage before damage is out of control.

Great outdoors – captures videos of events happening outside the home in full high-definition 1080p. This is apart from night vision and two-way audio.

Keypad - Disarm and arm the system through wall-mounted keypad with suggested pin code..

Monitoring and control app – A user can easily control and adjust the attached system components via a mobile app, supporting both iOS and Android.

In 2024, SimpliSafe continues to enhance integration with other smart home systems and devices with partnerships with the most popular platforms such as Alexa or Google Home. One can now use his voice to speak to the security system to ask for its status, set or unset the system, or review logs of its activity.

SimpliSafe also works with other brands like August smart locks so that you can securely lock/unlock your door from the SimpliSafe app. Other compatibility partners are Nest and Nest Protect, Phillips Hue, and Leviton Decora Wi-Fi smart lighting systems.

Monitoring and Alerts

One of the biggest strengths of SimpliSafe is that it offers customers a lot of leeway when it comes to choosing monitoring packages. Packages include:

No Monitoring – Ability to monitor your SimpliSafe sensors and other devices only through the SimpliSafe app without having to pay for any monthly fee.

Standard Monitoring – $14.99 monthly is standard monitoring that includes dispatch of police when there is a break-in or when the burglar alarms are activated. Also encompasses alerts from other sensors as by means of SMS and email.

Interactive Monitoring : It costs $24.99 per month and includes all the features of the standard monitoring package but the user can remotely watch an emergency through security cameras before alerting the emergency services in case of an emergency.

In any case, based on the chosen monitoring plan, you will receive mobile push notifications from SimpliSafe each time the sensors identify movement in your home. In real time, you are able to respond with the simplicity of a siren, switching lights on or off or even use verbal commands through security cameras.

Setup, Installation and Design

When it comes to installation, SimpliSafe gets high marks for being quick and easy to install without needing any tools and no experience with wiring. Each of these parts works with the base station hub through wireless connection up to a distance of about 800 feet. A high degree of adhesive backing makes installation of sensors or other hardware as easy as mounting them on any surface.

Closely related to the previous point, nothing is complicated right from the start, or as we often observe, out of the box. For instance, entry sensors can be automatically powered once they are peeled off the mount and not requiring you to switch tiny power buttons.

Another major plus of SimpliSafe when it comes to compliance with the selected system is flexibility. It can be extended or repositioned at any given time in order to affect the type of protection being afforded around your living environment. Transfer kits from one dwelling to another by merely un-clamping and re-clamping the hardware anywhere you go without the need to reconfigure.

Many owners state that average install for the most fundamental packages should not take more than 20-30 minutes. Based on the above descriptions, it can be inferred that technical skills are definitely not a necessity in this position.

Reliability and Durability

Technological advancements have enabled SimpliSafe to have an efficient performance of the services by the time of 2024 after having years of usage. The most recently developed sensors require up to ten years of battery power whereas the base station requires replacement after five years.

The equipment is quite resistant when it comes to everyday use within households and holds up to standard use. SimpliSafe build their devices from easy to clean plastics that do not degrade when dropped or bumped into occasionally or splashed with water.

There is also a guarantee of reliability based on over-the-air updates of software that contain bug fixes, and general performance updates. They are reliable because the system is able to operate for long durations without calls being made to it by the users or the IT department.

This would imply that equipment prices and subscription costs are not necessarily fixed at a specific level but are rather dynamic and can be influenced by a wide range of business factors.

In 2024, SimpliSafe still outcompetered comparable DIY home security solutions in terms of affordable system prices. Purchases of equipment and monitoring plans are made at low prices significantly lower than counterparts for powerful protection.

Here’s a breakdown of common SimpliSafe tier pricing as of writing in 2024:

Foundation Kit – This version of the kit includes the standard content with additional features added in at $229.
Control unit, telephone keypad, entry/exit control sensor and motion control sensor.

Smart Security Kit: $339
(Adds: Protective devices and sensors (Smoke detector, water sensor, outdoor camera)

Video Doorbell Pro 4.0: $169

Home Automation Kit – Price: $299
An example of smarthome devices include a base station, a key fob, three entry sensors, a motion sensor, smoke detector, water sensor, and Skybell doorbell.

Interactive Monitoring – $24.99 monthly

The one thing that stands out about SimpliSafe is the ability to start small, and add more to the system at a low cost without being tied into a long term contract. Include precisely only the sensors, cameras, and components that are necessary for the layout of your home. Prices per addon vary with mini sensors, from $15-35 to surveillance cameras, from $100-250.

Whether signing up for the bundled equipment or selecting a specific plan, SimpliSafe truly offers customers exceptional value when safeguarding their homes as opposed to antiquated costly security firms. The installation of this device cuts down on the expenses of professional installation and the wiring costs, which were previously easily over $1000.

Customer Support Services

While most DIY home security brands provide installation services, customer support, and equipment warranty for a limited period, SimpliSafe is distinct in its offering of lifetime customer support. Assistance options include:

Help desk phone availability: Monday through Sunday

First level ticket created through email with response times under 1 business day

Well structured and comprehensive online encyclopedia and video database.

An online forum where the target user group can share advice with each other

The Massachusetts based company boasts of having support teams to assist the customers in answering any questions, however big or small. No confusing tolls as well as endless voice prompts that are typical for numerous large-scaled conglomerate security companies. Just a team of highly informed professionals with a desire to enhance the SimpliSafe experience.

I recently found that 90% of all problems are small displacements of sensors, connection checks, or just looking at the settings of sound alerts in the mobile application. However, even a complicated issue is resolved by the dedicated SimpliSafe support team, and it can be done over the phone or an email.

Warranty and Return Policy

All equipment provided by SimpliSafe also comes with an incredible return policy of 60 days to guarantee the customer’s satisfaction. It means that if the system fails, you simply pack all the items in their original boxes and bags and return them at no coast.

After the first year, warranties are extended to the possibility of replacing the damaged hardware for approximate 2-3 years. This is true apart from the entry sensor that is offered at 5 years and most surprising of all, a lifetime warranty for the base station. This underlines how long Simple Safes expects its products to work without problems, stressing the reliability of the company’s gear.

Pros vs Cons Breakdown

Here’s a final rundown of positives and potential downsides based on our hands-on testing and customer reviews of using SimpliSafe since the 2024 update:


  • Institution can easily be done at home and does not require any tools.
  • It offers a large selection of sensors
  • Compatible with the leading smart home systems
  • Flexible monitoring packages
  • Excellent reliability history
  • Recommended for renters or for when a more permanent solution is not needed.
  • Affordable tiered pricing
  • All the necessary tools and procedures concerning customer support.


  • Pinned on the need of having a permanent WiFi/cellular connection in order to access the full content.
  • Sometimes the camera can also disconnect and become disconnected from the computer.
  •  Home automation solutions still somewhat restrained
  • The possibility of false alarms is minimized, and, occasionally, an alarm is sounded when sensors have shifted.

Overall Verdict

Focused on easy installation, affordable pricing for the necessary equipment, and as few or as many monthly check-ins as requested by the consumer – SimpliSafe stays a leading DIY security company in 2024 and further. In an ideal world, there would be a solution that is 100% safe and invulnerable to all forms of intrusion or disaster but in today’s world, SimpliSafe covers most of your bases for a homeowner or a renter.

The other notable features that also bring even more value are the growing smart home ecosystem compatibility, which makes SimpliSafe so much more than just entry sensors and alarms. Such advancements as voice assistant automation through the Amazon Alexa are examples of expanding performances with uncompromised tractability and cost effects.

For all these reasons and many more, SimpliSafe gets the nod as the best DIY wireless home security system as we approach the mid-2020s. These features offer maximum property protection that endures for years to come, all for fair prices that don’t shackle you to lengthy contracts. SimpliSafe remains consistent at being the gold standard of how home security should work for the customer with exceptional reliability, affordable and flexible pricing and round the clock service support.

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