Vivint is currently among the largest and most reputable home security companies with operations in the United States. Since its establishment in 1999, Vivint provides both home and commercial security systems with professional installation and monitoring. 

As for security and smart home, Honeywell security offers cameras, doorbell cameras, thermostats, locks, lighting, sensors, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and much more. In other words, it is possible to rationalise a system with a certain set of components.

Professional install by Vivint technicians, not a do it yourself installation solution. Installation is typically easy with most devices and takes a comparably short amount of time.

This basic security package goes for more than $ 599 and this is just the basic security package. The equipment price range, monitoring schedule, and installation cost differ. Targeted 36-60 months contracts have lower monthly costs but longer contractual obligations.

That means you will have to sign a contract for involvement in the contract that ranges from 36-60 months on an average. The contracts usually have fixed terms and there are penalties for early cancellation.

Professional monitoring costs as low as $30 per month and there is no requirement to enter into year-long contract. Mobile and fixed network observation services.

Vivint Sky app for Vivint Smart Home for remote access, alarms, and home automation system.

Equipment & Installation

A significant advantage of choosing Vivint is that you do not have to install anything yourself as all the equipment is connected by professional employees. They will visit your house, set up the necessary sensors, cameras, panels or any other devices you may require, then test the system to ensure that all the equipment is properly functioning and then explain how the whole system will work. This makes it different from other do it yourself systems which can be very cumbersome at times.

Like most other drives, installations are relatively quick and cause less contamination. Generally, you should have 1-3 technicians installing it over a 2-5 hours period on average. They put mats on the floor and ensure they do not leave any mark or stain on the floor during the installation. All together it is quite unproblematic and without any hitch.

Vivint offers the following equipment’s indoors and outdoors cameras, door and window contact sensors, motion detectors, garage door and tilt sensors, glass break sensors, water/flood sensors, CO detectors, smart locks, smart thermostats, smoke detectors, and touch panels among others. Equipment is long-lasting, sturdy and made in a way that it will last for many years of dependable usage.

It is also a flexible system that allows you to use only the gears you require or those that you fancy. And Vivint tech support is there if ever you want to add more components in the future, shift the equipment to a new home among others.

Monitoring & App

Every Vivint system comes equipped with professional monitoring that is available round the clock, from several monitoring facilities based across the country. This means that there are two types, namely, the cellular monitoring or the broadband internet monitoring that you can select from.

Monitoring through the cells utilizes the cell towers to link your system with the help of AT&T or Verizon networks. : Reduce or even eliminate the need for a landline and/or internet connection. This option is just a little bit pricier than the other and offers the wireless flexibility and is not an issue of phone or internet outages.

Broadband monitoring links up the system to Vivint monitoring centers through the home Wifi. No phone expenses but lost functionality if you can no longer monitor with the internet service. Monitoring broadband plans are available at $30/month, which do not require the signing of any long-term contract.

Vivint Sky app provides mobility where control of the system, cameras, receiving alerts, and managing settings are done through a smartphone or tablet. It is also important to note that other member of the family may also sign in to the app with their own log in details. For the activity notification, it is possible to get notifications in real-time and the support for IFTTT opens up further possibilities of smart home automation. It is also necessary to note that the application supports both the iOS and Android operating systems.

However, as a shortcoming of the app, some users have reported issues with the stability of the video feeds from time to time. However in the general use the access through mobile devices and the level of automation make this possible to use on a daily basis.

Monitoring Center & Emergency Response

Vivint’s professional monitoring services provide fast and efficient response during accidents and emergencies. Each of their monitoring centers is also UL and FM approved.

If any sort of threat is identified like a break-in, fire or carbon monoxide, the monitoring centre first dials your number and it can use two-way audio by communicating through the control panel of the system. If they are unable to get through to you or they are unable to discover that everything is well, they will send the emergency services to your house without any delay.

Customers have expressed their satisfaction to the monitoring operators from vivint concerning their helpful nature and quick response. They give an average emergency dispatch time of 30 seconds or less, something that is far much better than do it yourself security brands who don’t have this professional monitoring. Most of the customers also give examples of fire and medical incidence in which Vivint immediately called the authorities.

Reputation & Customer Support

The Vivint Smart Home has been used in monitoring over one million customers in North America. Better still, they boast an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, with moderately positive customer feedback. Available support services are the phone, email, and the chat support from the agency’s competent Vivint team round the clock.

Of course there are always those customers who are unsatisfied with lock in contracts but for the most part, it appears that Vivint’s customers are satisfied with services and equipment it provides. It is important to note that professionally installed and monitored systems do cost a little bit of money. However, there are benefits for homeowners in the strength and quality of the Vivint equipment and monitoring functions, as well as its emergency response services. However, be careful to read your contracts carefully as you seek to understand any obligations, possible early termination costs.


  • Professionally installed equipment
  • Wide range of smart home and security features
  • Vivint Sky application for smartphone or other gadgets for home automation.

Flexible monitoring plans

Potential Cons

  • Such contracts can span 3-5years.
  • Charges that can be incurred where the service provision is terminated prematurely.
  • Monthly costs of professional solutions are higher than the costs of do-it-yourself systems.

Overall Recommendation

Vivint offers smart protection services with professional wire and fast response in case of emergencies. The products are relatively expensive than the DIY ones, but it eliminates the stress of self-installing the gear. The smart security devices available are numerous, along with efficient monitoring to ensure homeowners are fully protected.

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