ADT Smart Lock is a Game Changer for Home Security

HOME SECURITY has been revolutionized in the recent past due to the advancement in technology and the integration of smart home security systems and DIY home security. Among the key players in the smart home security system market leader ADT has created a new smart lock designed to redefine home access. This new product ADT Smart Lock is a technological advanced lock backed up with the strength of ADT brand making homeowners’ life easy and secure. Below is an outline of what sets the ADT Smart Lock as the best option regarding home security.

Easy Installation and Setup

ADT Smart Lock also appeals to users because it is very simple to install and to get started with it. The ADT Smart Lock has no wires, no complicated set up, other than the normal installation of batteries in the lock, and no special tools to start getting the most of the smart lock. It comes with a basic structure that makes the installation process fast and straight forward requiring replacement of the deadbolt only. They can literally be screwed into your car in minutes, so you don’t even have to take it to the technician. One important feature of the smart lock is that it is compatible with the ADT mobile app and is already paired with it. The only requirements that are necessary for the new lock to be installed are to open an ADT account, connect the lock to your Wi-Fi, and then follow the instructions available in the application.

Remote Access and Control with no partiality

The Smart Lock from ADT truly deserves the name because of the flexible and diverse remote access and control. From a central location, homeowners are able to lock and unlock their doors entirely with the ADT mobile application once it has been established. There are no more worries about losing keys or having someone hide one for you to find where the key is hidden. In fact, this is an indication that as long as you have your smartphone with you, you can be in a position to control access to your home. It also has capabilities for creating specific access codes for family members, friends, or anyone you may need to grant access. Taking it one step further, this option lets you create one-use, temporary, or repeated codes whenever you wish. 

Alerts for Enhanced Security

Convenience, such as unlocking the door from a smartphone or receiving notifications, may be a major selling point, but security must not be neglected. When it comes to keeping homeowners informed and making enhancements to security, the ADT Smart Lock does not disappoint. The lock sends immediate mobile notifications each time the unit is locked, unlocked, or once it opens the door to your home. You will also get alerts if you left your door unlocked and you can lock your house at any moment, you are not confined to your house. They also assist in monitoring the movements of family or any visitor in and out of the premises.

Service to be integrated with ADT Home Security Systems

Unlike many other DIY smart locks, the ADT Smartlock goes a step further offering the convenience of being part of your ADT monitored home security system. Acquiring professional installation as well as monitoring services from ADT helps the smart lock to trigger live alarm monitoring services.

If your lock or door is opened while the system is turned on, your ADT authorized monitoring center will call the relevant authorities. The smart lock basically gets integrated into a network of wired sensors in your total home security system. Even as we speak, no other standalone smart lock available on the market today comes with live professional monitoring.

The other feature of the smart lock is that it also helps you to arm or disarm your system through the ADT mobile app. When families or friends want to disarm the system upon entering an individual’s home, they use unique access codes provided to them. 

Hands-Free Auto-Unlock

I am sure we have all gone home with our hands full of bags, a baby, or anything else that would not allow us to use our hands to open the door with the key. This is a problem that the ADT Smart Lock solves, due to its capability of identifying where your phone is, as well as the Signature Motion.When you are approaching your own door, it will contain a lock that will have connection with your phone through Bluetooth. And once it recognizes your motion signature, then it is possible to have the door unlock itself without the need to press buttons on an application or look for the keys. This does not require the use of hands and is particularly good when you are holding packages or children. It allows easy, touchless access every time you’re carrying items that prevent you from touching the door handle. 

Innovative Signature Motion Detection

That one mechanical feature that drives the convenience factor of the ADT Smart Lock home is the ADT Signature Motion technology. This advanced detection system can identify the users based on the motion profiles including gait and movements set specifically for them. When you initially program your smart lock, the incorporated infrared motion detector captures reference motion patterns of how you approach the door and how you wave your hand or rub your pocket or purse with your phone in it. This locked-in identity signature gives the fine-grained proof required to unlock and automate automatically, and to do so according to the user’s custom specifications.

Durable, All-Weather Construction

When choosing hardware for your front door, you should consider what is best suited to work throughout the year. With this understanding, ADT made its Smart Lock to be a strong and robust structure that can be used outside any climate. The lock casing and internal parts are checked to withstand heat, cold, rain and snow – in other words, they are weather proof.

Unlike other smart locks that can become unresponsive or develop mechanical problems over time when exposed to external conditions, the ADT Smart Lock is designed to be durable. This way, easy and effective access to your home is guaranteed irrespective of the climatic conditions out there. This high-quality construction provides the occupants of the home with confidence that the lock will function as expected every day regardless of the season, the summer or the winter and all the seasons in between.

Long Battery Life

Another issue that most smart locks users find very inconformable is short battery life that may cause power loss. If the battery is dead, this means no access control is available to your home and this negates the reason for having a smart lock in the first place. The ADT Smart Lock gets rid of this inconvenience with the help of delivering an outstanding 6-month battery life every 4 AA lithium batteries it uses. Complementing it with battery status notifications offered through the mobile app, homeowners can easily replace batteries that are dead. This performance can be considered as permanent, which is why you can count on the ADT Smart Lock no matter the day of the year.

Enhanced modes of protecting data and cybersecurity

Every gadget that is integrated into smart home naturally has easily foreseeable concerns regarding hacking and protection of data in the present world. Cyber security measures were included in every aspect of the creation of ADT’s Smart Lock. Military grade wireless communication encryption of all the interactions between the lock and the ADT servers. This discourages tapping of secure access codes or benchmark information from the computers.

Also, the idea of advanced device authentication also helps to prevent unauthorized access or control of devices. Alongside cyber security monitoring by ADT, malware, or even remote hacks to the smart lock can be detected and addressed at any time. These strong measures ensure that homeowners are comfortable with the security of their data and the actuality of the ADT Smart Lock.

ADT is a part of the larger ADT Ecosystem.

While brimming with smart features, the ADT Smart Lock doesn’t only excel on its own but becomes part of the broader ADT smart home system. What is more, like any other ADT system, the smart lock is compatible with other devices such as security cameras, smart thermostat, lights and others. All the data is stored into your ADT account and any of these can trigger certain configurations. The open system you have with your ADT system means expansive home access and protection today, and even more, ways to connect in the future. With a professionally monitored high resolution interactive live video feed 24/7/365 emergency dispatch, it is the most sophisticated DIY smart home security system solution on the market.

Affordable Premium Features

All in all, the ADT Smart Lock boasts all the features and performance that an effective smart lock should have, and offers a great level of value through its relatively low cost. Priced at $279 outright or only $10/month with Protect + Monitor plans, it offers powerful features and connectivity for a budget price. This pricing along with the lifetime customer service and support makes it worth every penny to put into your home. When one has to pay for keys that were lost or had to hire a locksmith in emergency situations, or had to incur costs of breakage and repair, the ADT Smart Lock proves to be cost effective in terms of convenience and protection. However, to the extent that they realize that all the technology is incorporated in ADT’s premium smart lock, the company provides homeowners with an excellent combination of features and benefits at a fairly reasonable price.


Easy to install and use, customizable, easy to control remotely, automatic, detecting possible tampering, compatible with other smart home systems, built to last, and relatively inexpensive – makes ADT Smart Lock one of the best smart locks in the market. It offsets numerous deficiencies and risks of the conventional keyed locks while charting new frontiers in the Signature Motion access technology. with ADT monitoring and emergency services, the ADT Smart Lock builds on the features of home security through deterring burglaries, keeping out intruders, and integrating the front door into smarter homes. No matter if you want to protect your home, your family, and your belongings or if you want to make your life easier by leaving the house with your keys left at home.

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