ADT Home Security System Features

Advanced features for secure home protection

The Service You Can Trust to Protect Your Home and Family

Since its establishment in 1863, ADT has been providing security services for homes and families, utilizing state of art technology and qualified personnel. ADT is the most reputable business for home security services and has several options to ensure the safety of the residence and their loved ones whether at home or away.

Reliable 24/7 Monitoring

In the center of every kind of home security system is our monitoring center that works round the clock. As soon as one of your security sensors is activated – whether by someone who is trying to enter your home or business, or due to an accidental trip by you or someone else – our alarm monitoring centers are immediately alerted and informed. Advanced-trained ADT professionals go on high alert to check the alarm, and if needed, to notify you and emergency personnel in a timely manner. For instance, you will have the assurance that you are under the protection of the ADT security company round the clock.


Smart Home Automation 

With ADT Command, your home security has a new level of sophistication with our smart home automation system. Homes can be automated with smart devices that adapt to individuals’ preferences for security, lights, locks, thermostats, etc. , and are all controllable through a smartphone or voice command. Here are some tips: Turn on preprogrammed lighting to give off the appearance you are home during your absence; confirm that your water supply is turned off in case you experience a leak; link Amazon Alexa to the system for voice command control. Your ADT system can be controlled through a mobile application that you can install on your phone.


Sensors for Advanced Detection and Alarm Systems

Equipped with state-of-the-art motion detectors, permanent video surveillance and option of two-way voice communication, ADT home security system is among the smart security systems that will help protect the homeowner against any form of intrusion. Our safety threats sensors include the smoke and fire detectors that alert you in case of a fire outbreak, high water detectors that warn you of excess water levels, and freezer that gives you an alert when the temperature is freezing. A break-in protection comprises of multi-directional motion detectors and additional sensors that are installed on doors and windows, glassbreak detectors as well as shock sensors to help in the detection of intruders who may be accessing the premises through doors, windows, walls or roofs. It is possible to be alerted as soon as a particular sensor is activated with an immediate alert as well as an auditory alarm.

Wireless Security Options 

Some of the most used ADT home security programs include wireless equipment so that the process of installation does not involve a lot of wiring and drilling. Our safety threat detection sensors and surveillance cameras run wirelessly to decrease the time needed to set up the system. Security cameras, a control panel, motion detectors, and entry sensors all employ encrypted wireless connectivity to protect your home without adding wire clutter to your décor. Further wired equipment and home automation features beyond the HDBaseT-transmitted data can also be implemented.

Video Monitoring and Surveillance  

Preventing intrusions before they take place – an ADT video surveillance solution. Security cameras installed both inside and outside the house enable you to get a glimpse of any disruption that might be occurring or areas of possible intrusion from the security app on your mobile phone. While live video streaming monitors activity and recording captures any incident that may happen. Even more, the ability to integrate with cameras and video doorbells lets you not only monitor but also interact with the individuals outside your door for more security.

Safety on the Go

ADT connects your home security system to a network of safety features and services that last beyond your doorstep. For specific alerts, the family profiles should be manually synced to reflect location or usage patterns to in order to properly protect. It helps to attach it to ADT security devices or download it for the use of mobile devices as children and old people can use this to call for help, for personnel, should they need it, wherever they are. ADT is a complete home security company that offers round the clock emergency service and family protection services to its clients.

Professional Installation and Support

Selecting the appropriate security is in the first step of an initial free consultation by an ADT home security specialist. They will evaluate the special requirements of your home and advise the most appropriate system in this case. If you decide with a certain ADT security package that could suit your lifestyle, an installation technician will be providing you with a professional security package or visit your home for installation and demonstrate on how to work on the equipment. Free tech support is provided to you indefinitely to make sure your system stays current and functioning for years of protection.

Secure your home with a system that is catered to your needs with ADT home security systems. We would love to hear from you, and speak with you about your next project, so contact us for a FREE estimate. Our security specialists are willing to design the right solution that can assist to safeguard what you value most – your family and home.

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