ADT Smart Home Hub Features

Control all smart home devices seamlessly with ADT's versatile, user-friendly Smart Home Hub.

Home to Peace of Mind with the ADT Smart Home Hub

With ADT’s most intelligent home security system, you will be safe and within reach of the things you need at home. This is a smart device that is specifically designed to offer Security, Automation and Lifestyle solutions for the home.

Next-Level Home Security

The ADT Smart Home Hub is a great security system that is also compatible with smart home technology to create one working network. It offers protection to home security parts such as motion detectors, door/window contacts, smoke/C02 detectors and many more to ensure protection against intruders, environmental hazards and risks and emergencies at any one time.

Whenever a sensor is activated, you and the ADT security center are alerted through the ADT app so as to confirm the situation and call the emergency services if necessary. Cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity of the hub is integrated; this ensures that alarm communications are secure and always accessible.

Home Automation Simplified

The Smart Home Hub allows the user to turn on/off smart lights or unlock/lock the doors, adjust the thermostat, and other compatible devices all through the ADT mobile app. Several options to create daily programs, control modes and settings, for instance, to lock the doors when everyone is in bed or to change the temperature when leaving for work.

This means that it also has Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to control the features using voice commands while using Smart Home Hub. Voice control lets you accomplish your tasks throughout the day with minimal effort.

Lifestyle Conveniences

In addition to security and smart home functionality, the ADT Smart Home Hub provides lifestyle features to elevate your living experience: In addition to security and smart home functionality, the ADT Smart Home Hub provides lifestyle features to elevate your living experience:

Video Doorbell Integration – This lets you see and even communicate with any person at your door via the ADT application. Some of the specific smart home devices it supports are video doorbells from Ring for instance.

Smart Camera Support – See live footage of your home in real-time using Google Nest or Ring cameras inside or outside your house. For example, it is easy to monitor children and pets.

Monitoring the Home Health – Get notified on temperature or humidity which may be dangerous for health or encourages mold/mildew formation. Keep air quality ideal and assure that the pipes do not leak. 

Energy Usage Insights – Partner with the Smart Home Hub to monitor and analyze energy consumption through specific smart plugs for devices. Recognize the gadgets that consume a lot of energy and, therefore, contribute to wastage.

Easy Smart Home Management

Even with a number of smart devices and appliances in a smart home, it becomes a real challenge to manage all of them with no a central control point, such as the ADT Smart Home Hub. It allows you to: 

Experience the power of ADT Smart Home Hub and secure your home in smart ways. For more information regarding our products, services and company.

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