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Currently, ADT is known to be the leading smart home security company in America. Through our state-of-the-art solutions, we can offer you the best, not only in security, but also in terms of cost, where the price of our services will fit in anyone’s budget for the protection of their family and home. ADT smart security is available for as low as $28.99 monthly, or $359 per year, with no obligation to commit to a long-term subscription.

ADT Smart Home Security System: What’s in It for You?

An ADT security package comes with everything you need to help safeguard your home 24/7: 

Motion sensors - They work by triggering the alarms, if there is any movement, an alert is sent to your phone.

Door/window sensors – This sensor will notify you if the door or window you specified has been opened.

High definition indoor and outdoor cameras- They make sure you monitor your property and who is at the door.

Touchscreen panel that is fully customizable - The ability to arm or disarm your security system also you can use it to control other smart devices.

Yard sign and window decals: This is a very effective form of discouraging any would-be intruders as they are reminded that they are being watched.

ADT also has video doorbells, smart locks, lights, thermostats, and other smart home devices that can be professionally installed and interfaced to your system if you choose to add them. ADT smart home integrates all the components of security and home automation systems, allowing the user to monitor the systems and manage security and automation features through a smartphone application regardless of the user’s location.

Unrivaled Emergency Response

There is no security provider as efficient as ADT to connect faster to the first responders, especially when an alarm has been triggered. Professional monitoring and emergency dispatch available; should an incident arise; assistance is just a few seconds away.

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If you would like a no obligation free security survey or a free quote for a security system that is suitable for your house, then please feel free to contact an ADT security consultant from your nearest branch. Find out why ADT is America’s leading security company and how the best can be even easier on your pocket.

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