Smart doorbell cameras are quickly becoming among the most popular home security products that let the owner see who is at the door using a smartphone application. However, the majority of doorbell cameras lack some vital features such as video recording and storage as a result of having to rely on ongoing subscription. As highlighted in this guide, there are numerous options for doorbell cameras with good features that do not demand a monthly or annual fee.

The Features to Consider While Choosing a Doorbell Camera

When choosing a doorbell camera that doesn't need a subscription, there are a few key features to consider:When choosing a doorbell camera that doesn't need a subscription, there are a few key features to consider:

Video Quality – 720 or 1080 pixels delivers high quality and better picture resolution in a video. The JPEG quality or the resolution will determine how much detail the video will capture.

Field of View – A wide field of view (110-170 degrees) means that the camera can view more of the door and the environment.

Night Vision – The apparatus offers infrared night vision which provides clear video regardless of the light and time of day. Select a camera with features that is capable of operation at night with a range of not less than 25 feet.

Local Storage – It refers to models with an in-built or microSD card slot through which you can store your video recordings without having to manage cloud subscriptions.

Motion Detection – Any doorbell cameras with motion sensors that will start recording once they sense movement can capture crucial alerts.

Two-Way Audio – You can also converse with your visitors through the doorbell camera in instances where you cannot open the door.

The Best Doorbell Cameras without Subscription

1. Yi 1080p smart WiFi doorbell camera

Yi Smart WiFi Doorbell Camera is having 1080p video, night vision, motion alerts, two-way audio, and local storage that are making this device best in this segment with affordable price range. A provided 16GB microSD card enables on-board storage no recurring charges. Customers review the simplicity of setting up the device, clear image definition and the quick response of the motion detection feature of this battery-operated doorbell camera.

2. Ring Video Doorbell Wired

Some of Ring’s more expensive doorbells demand a monthly fee for storage while the Ring Video Doorbell Wired keeps motion triggered clips on the device, locally. This wired, high-definition camera provides the options for selecting the areas to monitor, and has the built-in infrared LEDs which allow it to provide the night vision and the ability to communicate with the people detected by the camera. Also, it should be mentioned that the basic wiring for the doorbell is present already.

3. Another smart home device that has a doorbell camera is the eufy Security Wireless 2K Doorbell Camera.

The eufy Security Doorbell Camera provides the client with the highest quality of 2K video resolution, local storage of footage, night vision capability, and no monthly charges. The device comes with a built-in memory of 16GB where the human detection motion sensor alerts can store nearly one month of recordings. The factors such as the EASY Set-Up, weather proof, 2K clarity, and the vast field of view make it one of the best camera drones.

4. Zosi Smart Doorbell Camera

This entrance camera has a 1080p camera, a chime that is built-in, and a broad 155° angle of view, which makes the Zosi Smart Doorbell Camera very effective in capturing all callers’ images. Local videos recordings are saved on the microSD card when the PIR motion detection has been activated. For $50, this Zosi model offers all the essential doorbell camera features and can work without additional monthly subscription fees.

5. Reolink Argus Eco+Solar Panel Bundle Reolink Argus Eco+Solar Panel Bundle

For instance, Reolink Argus Ego+ is a wire-free camera that would suit the homeowners who did not set up doorbell wiring. This system has a battery or solar panel and can provide 1080p resolution, night vision, the ability to set specific motion zones, and record to local microSD card.

All the features that should be looked at when choosing a microSD card for doorbell cameras

To enable local video storage on your doorbell camera, you’ll need to purchase a compatible microSD card:To enable local video storage on your doorbell camera, you’ll need to purchase a compatible microSD card:

Storage Capacity – Depending on the storage capability of your doorbell camera, find the largest capacity card that it can accommodate, usually 32 - 256GB. The greater the capacity of a card, the more it can hold information that can be converted to recordings before being erased and replaced by others.

Write/Transfer Speeds – Higher write/transfer speeds enable the doorbell to record and save in local storage more frequently and quickly. Ensure that the read/write speeds of the particular NAND chip are not less than 100MB/s.

Durability – Since it will be in the constant provision of recording and writing data, choose an endurance microSD card able to handle write cycled.

Weather Resistant – If your doorbell camera is positioned outdoors and is susceptible to harsh weather, consider using a memory card with features such as temperature, water, shock, and x-ray resistance to withstand these conditions.


One thing that people should note is that while some products often have extra features that require the payment of subscription fees, there are high-end doorbell cameras that record, alert and secure the homes effectively without charging the users any monthly fee. For those who want to upgrade their home security and feel more secure, it is possible to purchase a doorbell camera that is affordable depending on the price range. When set up properly, the local storage equipment can help record important home matches for review at the time they are required.

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