In today's fast-paced world, ensuring the security of your home is more important than ever. With the rise of smart home technology, home security systems have become more accessible, efficient, and user-friendly. Two of the leading names in the DIY home security market are Ring Alarm and SimpliSafe. Both offer robust features, but which one is the better choice for your home? In this blog post, we'll delve into a detailed comparison of Ring Alarm and SimpliSafe, covering aspects such as setup, features, pricing, and overall performance.

Setup and Installation

Ring Alarm: Ring Alarm is known for its straightforward installation process. The system is designed to be installed by the user without the need for professional help. The kit includes a base station, keypad, contact sensors, motion detectors, and a range extender. Each component comes with clear instructions, and the Ring app guides users through the setup process step by step. The wireless design means there are no complicated wiring requirements, making it easy for anyone to install.

SimpliSafe: SimpliSafe also prides itself on being easy to install. Similar to Ring Alarm, it offers a range of components that are pre-programmed to work together out of the box. The package typically includes a base station, keypad, entry sensors, motion sensors, and optional extras like cameras and smoke detectors. The installation process is intuitive, with clear instructions provided in the app. Most users find they can have the system up and running in under an hour.

Features and Technology

Ring Alarm: Ring Alarm integrates seamlessly with other Ring products and Amazon Alexa, offering a cohesive smart home experience. Key features include:

  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring: Optional subscription service for continuous monitoring.
  • Mobile Alerts: Instant notifications on your smartphone for any triggered events.
  • Battery Backup: Ensures the system stays operational during power outages.
  • Z-Wave Integration: Allows for compatibility with other Z-Wave smart devices.
  • Video Integration: Pairs with Ring cameras and doorbells for comprehensive surveillance.

SimpliSafe: SimpliSafe offers a robust set of features designed to provide comprehensive home security. Key features include:

  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring: Available with subscription plans.
  • Mobile Alerts: Instant alerts sent to your phone for any detected activity.
  • Battery Backup: Keeps the system running during power outages.
  • Environmental Monitoring: Includes smoke, carbon monoxide, and water leak detection.
  • Smart Home Integration: Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Pricing and Subscription Plans

Ring Alarm: Ring Alarm is competitively priced, with various packages to suit different needs and budgets. The basic kit starts at an affordable price, and additional sensors and devices can be purchased separately. For professional monitoring, Ring offers the following plans:

  • Basic Plan: Includes video recording for one device and costs $3/month.
  • Plus Plan: Covers all devices at a single location with video recording and professional monitoring for $10/month.

SimpliSafe: SimpliSafe's pricing is also flexible, with several packages available. The cost of the basic equipment is higher than Ring's, but it often comes with more sensors and accessories. Subscription plans for professional monitoring are as follows:

  • Standard Plan: Provides 24/7 monitoring and cellular backup for $14.99/month.
  • Interactive Plan: Includes all features of the Standard Plan plus remote control via the app, smart home integrations, and video recording for $24.99/month.

User Experience and App Performance

Ring Alarm: The Ring app is highly rated for its user-friendly interface and reliability. Users can easily arm/disarm the system, view live video feeds, and receive instant notifications. The app's integration with other Ring products and Alexa further enhances the user experience, providing a cohesive ecosystem for smart home management.

SimpliSafe: The SimpliSafe app is also well-regarded, offering an intuitive interface that allows users to control their system remotely. Features include the ability to arm/disarm the system, receive alerts, and view video footage from SimpliSafe cameras. The app integrates smoothly with Alexa and Google Assistant, providing flexibility for users who prefer voice control.

Customer Support and Reliability

Ring Alarm: Ring has a solid reputation for customer support, with various channels available including phone, chat, and online resources. The company's support team is known for being responsive and helpful, assisting users with installation issues, troubleshooting, and general inquiries. Ring Alarm is generally reliable, with few reports of significant issues.

SimpliSafe: SimpliSafe also offers strong customer support, with phone and email options available. Their support team is praised for being knowledgeable and helpful. SimpliSafe systems are known for their reliability, and the company offers a three-year warranty on their products, giving users added peace of mind.


Both Ring Alarm and SimpliSafe offer excellent home security solutions, each with its own strengths. Ring Alarm is ideal for those who are already invested in the Ring ecosystem or prefer seamless integration with Amazon Alexa. It offers competitive pricing and a user-friendly app, making it a great choice for many homeowners.

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