What is a Smart Door Lock & Should You Get One?

While the world of door locks has been around for centuries, there are now some very innovative new alternatives available. Smartphone apps and keypads can be used instead of traditional keys to unlock your front door when you're not at home or enter fitted with an electronic tag that does all this automatically!

Top 5 Benefits of a Smart Door Lock

If you're interested in installing a smart door lock, there are three major benefits to consider. In fact, most people find at least one use for these locks which makes them very useful!

1. Avoid getting locked out without the keys.

With a smart door lock, you will never need to worry about being locked outside your house without keys again! These devices allow people who live in homes with multiple floors or valuables attached that require different passwords for accessing them all day long. Most keyless locks work by simply unlocking the front gate and entering an alphanumeric code depending on what type of device it is connected to - this includes smartphones as well if users prefer doing things digitally than turning away from old-school technology!

2. Let people in even when you’re not home.

The convenience of having someone come into your home while you’re not there should be second nature to every homeowner. Smart door locks allow for quick access, so if the thought makes you feel queasy then don't worry - just assign them a temporary passcode and they'll be good as new! then, if you want to be rid of those pesky passcodes once and for all then there’s no need for passwords. All it takes is deactivating them when they're done using your phone or tablet—and away goes access! You can also unlock the door remotely so anyone could come straight into this place at any time without even needing an unlocking code from inside too- which means less stress about who has keys/remote control devices in their pocket while walking through neighborhood doors.

3. Know who is coming in and out with assigned access codes.

Give yourself peace of mind of knowing that your children are safe at home with their own individual access codes. Assign each kid an ID number, which you can see on any mobile device connected to Front point’s smart door lock system - giving insight into when they entered or left as well!

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