Outdoor Security Cameras

Reliable outdoor security cameras for home safety

Are you interested in protecting your home as well as property, your personal security as well as privacy, and all this without spending too much money? Outdoor security cameras provide surveillance of the outside of the house and the presence of the camera discourages the criminals, yet it does not prove as expensive as a home security system. The features that one should consider when looking for an outdoor camera. While it may be hard to come by a perfect security camera that can protect your property while still being affordable, the following are good enough.

Advantages of Outdoor security cameras

Deter Intruders – If there are exterior cameras installed, it sends an advance warning to any would-be intruder that the house is under surveillance. It has been established that the use of outdoor cameras helps to discourage burglaries.

Watch Overview – This lets you know when people are approaching your doors and provides a live streaming view of the people that are at your doorstep. A lot of outside cameras work with smart doorbells.

Security of Several Zones – Outdoor areas such as the driveway, backyard pools, sheds and so on can be observed if there are cameras placed in strategic points. Eliminate blind spots that hinder decisions around your property’s exterior.

Continuously Record – Outdoor cameras that are intended for constant use operate 24/7 and provide round the clock security video footage irrespective of the darkness or brightness of the region. A record of the events that occurred in the past which can be replayed to see what took place prior to a certain occurrence.

Endure Harsh Weathers – Since most of the security cameras are installed outside, it is essential that they can comfortably work in any climatic conditions, be it hot, cold, or rainy season.

Staying Vigilant – There should be no blind spots where intruders could use, with wide-angle outdoor cameras providing large fields of view.

Key Features to Look for Outdoor Security Cameras

When comparing outdoor security cameras, keep an eye out for these helpful features. Some of the features that should be incorporated in the best outdoor cameras are included. 

Night vision capability – this allows the camera to capture clear images in the dark; this is a period when intruder activities are most likely to be witnessed. IR LED illuminated models provide black & white night video.

Shots Taken – Receive email alerts immediately and the camera captures an image of what’s happening. Sensitive motion detection makes the system adaptable to the specific environment, thus minimizing false alarms.

The camera can be synced with a mobile security app, allowing you to watch live streams or recordings from your smartphone. Mobile is used in the sense that one can monitor from any location with ease.

Two-way Talk – Some of the Outdoor cameras come fitted with microphones and speakers that enable the user to listen to whoever is at the doorstep and even engage in a conversation with the person through your phone.

Cloud and Local Storage – save videos to the cloud to have a secure copy in case anything happens to the camera or store them in an SD card for quick easy access. Cloud plans offer more storage space; however, they often charge the clients per month.

Smart Home Integration – Pick an outdoor camera that works with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple Home kit for it to be easily programmable and controlled through voice commands.

Durability – Outdoor models can withstand dust and heavy rain, and some are even designed for extremely hot or cold climates while indoor cameras can easily get damaged when placed outside. Unfortunately, it is difficult to discern from the source the type of environmental protection that is provided by the case since it only states that it has an IP65 or IP66 rating meaning that it is highly resistant to the effects of weather.


Installing outdoor security cameras gives you the opportunity to observe and discourage any violations of your property at a relatively low cost and without the need for wires. Some of the characteristics that you should look for when shopping for smart devices includes but are not limited to mobile compatibility, integration, weather resistance as well as superior night vision. It is also wise to ignore cheaper models that might have missing key features or may not be as efficient as higher-end models. Since there is no such thing as a bullet proof camera, outdoor cameras that are strategically mounted will give you an added layer of awareness of your weak points of entry into your home. But above all, security cameras’ visibility informs any potential offender that the property is under surveillance, and they might reconsider their decision to break in.

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